Willow Smith Flaunts Custom-Made Gold Grillz, Following in Mom’s Fashionable Footsteps with a Dazzling Teeth Transformation


Willow Smith’s New Style Inspiration

Willow Smith, the famous singer, and songwriter, is known for her ever-changing style and appearance, and she’s recently drawn inspiration from her mom, Jada Pinkett Smith. The young star has been sporting a unique set of rose gold grillz, reminiscent of a similar gift her brother, Jaden, presented to Jada back in 2016.

Following Mom’s Footsteps

Back in 2016, Jaden Smith gifted his mom, Jada Pinkett Smith, some gold grillz for her 45th birthday. Fast forward to today, and Willow is proudly displaying a similar look. The custom-made grillz were created by Alligator Jesus, a renowned LA-based jewelry brand known for their exquisite designs. The brand shared a photo of Willow’s grillz being modeled on Instagram, revealing the stunning rose gold and VVS natural diamond craftsmanship.

Willow’s unique grillz have sparked significant interest among her fans, many of whom are eager to replicate the look. With numerous comments expressing admiration and desire for the stylish accessory, it’s evident that Willow may have set a new trend in motion with her specific grillz design.

Fashioning a New Trend

Willow’s Instagram post featuring her custom-made rose gold grillz garnered a flurry of positive responses from fans. Comments ranged from “How can I sleep without these in my life” to “These are so cool!” and “I need these!” The young star’s bold fashion choice has not only resonated with her fans but also received likely approval from her mom, Jada.

Close-Knit Family

Willow’s close bond with her family is evident, with the Smith family frequently making headlines. Recently, Jada’s memoir, Worthy, left fans astounded with its revelations, particularly about Jada and husband Will Smith’s decision to live separate lives since 2016. Despite this revelation, the family remains incredibly close, with Will showing unwavering support for Jada, attending her book signing events alongside the rest of the family.

A Daughter’s Admiration

Willow’s role in supporting her mom’s memoir was also prominent. Jada revealed that she informed her children about the content of the book, seeking their approval for the stories she intended to share. Willow, in particular, eagerly devoured the book, expressing her excitement and admiration for her mom’s work.

Willow’s Artistic Journey

Aside from her family’s news, Willow is also making headlines on her own accord. With the release of her new song, “Alone,” just after celebrating her 23rd birthday, the talented singer continues to captivate audiences with her creativity and artistic endeavors.

Willow’s unique sense of style and her supportive role within her family highlight her as both a fashion and musical icon, and it’s clear that her influence is bound to expand in the coming years. Whether it’s her daring fashion choices or her musical talent, Willow Smith’s impact on the entertainment industry remains undeniable.


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