Dachshund’s Heartwarming Reaction to Owner’s Return Goes Viral: ‘Daddy’s Home’


Why Dogs Wait by the Window for Their Owners: The Heartwarming Bond Between a Dachshund and His Dad

Many dog owners miss their furry friends when they aren’t with them, and often the feeling is mutual. This is especially true for a dachshund named Arlo, who has been filmed eagerly waiting at the window for his owner. The heartwarming footage shows Arlo sitting on the sofa and wagging his tiny tail as soon as he sees his owner outside. The clip, shared to a page dedicated to the dog (@arlo22151), has received a whopping 154,300 views. It’s evident that Arlo always knows when his dad is home, as the on-screen text implies.

Arlo’s reaction to his owner’s return is just one example of the strong bond between a dog and its favorite person. According to veterinarians, there are eight telltale signs that indicate you are your dog’s favorite person:

  • They want to be near you.
  • They wiggle at you.
  • They keep eye contact with you.
  • They rub their face on yours.
  • They are relaxed around you.
  • They are affectionate with you.
  • They follow you everywhere.

It seems that Arlo’s owner is indeed one of his favorite people, based on his heartwarming reaction to his return. The heartwarming clip has resonated with many viewers, amassing over 10,000 likes and prompting other dog owners to share similar experiences with their pets.

Stock images show a dachshund looking out a window while on a sofa. A similar dog’s reaction to his dad coming home has gone viral on TikTok.
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One user commented, “My wiener dog does the same exact thing every time her Grammy comes in the house and acts like I don’t even exist, and will ignore me.” This sentiment is echoed by many dog owners who have experienced similar heartwarming reunions with their pets.

Kait Hembree, a veterinary behavior nurse and GoodPup’s head of training and behavior specialist, advises on how owners can strengthen their bond with their canine companions. She emphasizes that the best way to a dog’s heart is through its stomach, along with playful interactions and spending quality time together.

Another heartwarming clip of Arlo, where he snuggles next to his owner on the sofa, reinforces the strong bond between them. This showcases that dogs, like Arlo, have a deep attachment to their favorite humans, seeking their close proximity and affection.


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