John Oliver Hilariously Compares George Santos’ Ouster to a ‘Reverse Beetlejuice Situation’ and Believes Ex-NY Rep Belongs on Bravo!


John Oliver Takes a Dig at George Santos for His Political Downfall in Washington, DC

In a recent eulogy for former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, John Oliver not only addressed Kissinger’s legacy but also took the opportunity to comment on the downfall of George Santos. The witty comedian referred to Santos’ ouster as a “reverse-Beetlejuice situation” during the latest episode of ‘Last Week Tonight’. He went on to request Bravo host and ‘Real Housewives’ franchise executive producer Andy Cohen to consider giving the fallen Congressman a chance on his television show.

Oliver Weighs in on Santos’ Ouster

During the episode, Oliver delved into Congress’s prolonged process in facilitating Santos’ expulsion. He humorously remarked on the three attempts it took to get rid of him, likening it to a “reverse-Beetlejuice situation.” The House ultimately voted in favor of expelling Santos with a 311-114 majority after allegations of violating Ethics Committee rules surfaced. Referring to the House Ethics Committee investigative report, Oliver emphasized the allegations of misappropriating public funds for personal indulgences such as Botox treatments, vacations, and adult content websites. He further joked about Santos’ unconventional approach, playfully commenting, “if you’re going to do something you’re not supposed to do, that is the way to do it!”

Controversies and Exposés

John Oliver also shed light on the infamous George Santos Vulnerability Report commissioned by Santos himself. He mockingly emphasized the damning nature of the report, even joking about the cover photo which he described as a “TED Talk” on faking one’s own death for insurance money, adding a touch of humor to the expose. The short-lived Congressman’s career was riddled with controversies, including falsifying his resume, making false claims about his mother’s death during 9/11, and carrying a baby inside Congress, among others. Oliver humorously compared Santos’ messy controversies to the drama typically associated with reality TV, stating that it’s not just ‘friends of’ behavior but full-on Housewife material. He concluded, “This man never belonged in Congress. He belongs on Bravo.”

Oliver’s Final Thoughts

John Oliver wrapped up his commentary by expressing his preference for Santos to appear on Andy Cohen’s reality show, suggesting that it might be the perfect fit for him. He humorously urged Cohen to consider adding Santos to his array of personalities, cheekily stating, “Call this man now, Cohen! And pay him what he is worth.” With Oliver’s trademark wit and humor, the broadcast delivered a fascinating take on Santos’ political downfall, cleverly blending politics and entertainment for an engaging segment that resonated with audiences.

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