Outrage Ensues as Liz Magill Continues to Receive Salary Despite Resignation


Controversy Surrounding Liz Magill’s Tenured Salary Sparks Backlash

News of the University of Pennsylvania’s former president Liz Magill retaining her tenured salary as a law school member despite resigning as president has ignited a wave of criticism. Following her resignation from the role of president amidst an antisemitism row, the university confirmed that she would remain a tenured faculty member at Penn Carey Law.

Resignation Amid Antisemitism Row

Liz Magill’s resignation as president of the University of Pennsylvania came in the wake of the institution facing accusations of failing to protect Jewish students during a time of rising antisemitism amid Israel’s conflict with Hamas. The surge in incidents of anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim hate following the October 7 attack by Hamas against Israel added fuel to the controversy.

Testimony at a Congressional Hearing

During her testimony at a congressional hearing on antisemitism on college campuses, Liz Magill appeared alongside other university presidents. However, her responses to questions on campus antisemitism were met with criticism, with lawmakers accusing her of being “evasive” in her answers. This spurred further backlash and condemnation.

Outcry Over Tenured Salary

Reports of Liz Magill retaining her tenured salary and position as a law school professor led to widespread outrage on various social media platforms. The public expressed dissatisfaction and concern over the decision, emphasizing the need for accountability and consequences for controversial actions.

Apology and Resignation

After facing backlash for her testimony, Liz Magill issued an apology, acknowledging her lack of focus on the issue and condemning calls for genocide as “evil, plain and simple.” Following her resignation, she expressed gratitude for her time as president and her interactions with the university community.

Continued Controversy

The controversy surrounding Liz Magill’s retention of her tenured salary and position as a faculty member at Penn Carey Law continues to garner attention and incite debates on accountability, free speech, and the responsibilities of university leaders in addressing sensitive and contentious issues.


The backlash triggered by news of Liz Magill retaining her tenured salary as a law school faculty member post-resignation highlights the complex and challenging nature of navigating contentious issues within academic institutions. The ongoing discourse and reactions underscore the importance of transparency, accountability, and ethical leadership in addressing sensitive matters within the academic community.


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