Philippines faces pressure to expel China’s ambassador amid US alliance relations


President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Facing Renewed Calls to Expel Chinese Ambassador Amid Escalating Tensions

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. of the Philippines is at the center of renewed controversies as calls to expel Beijing’s top envoy in Manila intensify. The ongoing disputes stem from tense confrontations between the Chinese coast guard and Philippine boats, which unfolded in separate dangerous incidents over the weekend.

Renewed Calls for Ambassador’s Expulsion

Leading voices in the Philippines, including Juan Miguel Zubiri, president of the country’s Senate, have firmly criticized China’s actions. Zubiri, an independent politician, accused China of displaying “no heart” for the consecutive and violent run-ins near disputed South China Sea features that have “put Filipino lives at risk.” He has openly called on Marcos to take the decisive step of sending the current Chinese Ambassador home. The intensity of these calls underscores the severity of the recent clashes and the underlying tensions they have exposed.

Chinese Coast Guard’s Aggression

The Philippine Coast Guard and Philippines armed forces have reported alarming confrontations involving Chinese maritime patrol vessels. Incidents included the use of water cannons and risky ramming maneuvers near the Beijing-controlled Scarborough Shoal and Manila-held Second Thomas Shoal. These aggressive tactics have amplified the growing regional tensions, as both features are part of the contested Spratly Islands archipelago within the Philippines’ internationally recognized exclusive economic zone.

Concerns over Sovereignty and Diplomatic Measures

Given China’s claims over these territories and the military actions taken to enforce them, the situation has raised concerns over sovereignty and territorial integrity. On the diplomatic front, Philippine Sen. Francis Tolentino has urgently called for the recall of the Philippine Ambassador to China. Tolentino’s demands highlight the urgent need for decisive diplomatic actions to address the ongoing provocations and protect the nation’s interests in the face of such aggressions.

Official Response and International Support

In response to the clashes, President Marcos Jr. has condemned the incidents as a blatant violation of international law and affirmed his forces’ determination to continue routine resupply missions around Philippine-controlled territories. The sentiments echoed by Marcos underscore the resolve to uphold the country’s territorial integrity amid escalating tensions. Moreover, the Philippines’ foreign affairs department has issued formal rebukes and diplomatic protests against China, signaling a firm stance against the threats to peace and security within the region. Furthermore, the international community, including the United States, has backed the Philippines, affirming the relevance and significance of this issue in the broader geopolitical context.


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