Exclusive glimpse into Sarah Jessica Parker’s private family library at her NYC townhouse


Sarah Jessica Parker’s Stunning Home in New York City’s West Village

Sarah Jessica Parker, best known for her role in the iconic TV show Sex and the City, has a beautiful home in New York City’s West Village, where she and her family have lived for decades. In fact, she is so beloved in the area that locals refer to her as the ‘Queen of the West Village’. It’s easy to see why the star and her family have stayed in the area for so long, as their home is just as fabulous as you would expect. While notoriously private, Sarah recently shared a rare glimpse inside her townhouse, showcasing her love of books. The actress posed for a photo in her very own library, which features floor-to-ceiling bookshelves stacked with various books, to celebrate the launch of her book imprint, SJP Lit, in collaboration with independent publisher Zando.

Sarah’s Passion for Books

Sarah was seen sitting down on the wooden floors inside her library looking happy and relaxed as she posed in front of a pile of books. Her book imprint, SJP Lit, aims to publish “sweeping, expansive, thought-provoking, and big-hearted literary and commercial works that are inclusive of international and underrepresented voices.” The star has been busy this year traveling the world promoting some of the books and recently hosted a preview viewing of the 2024 picks by SJP Lit in New York City. Reflecting on her busy year and love of books, Sarah wrote on social media alongside her library shot, “In 2023 I have traveled in books to various points in Ireland, India, Uganda, my home of NYC, across the George Washington Bridge to Vauxhall New Jersey, Indiana and Iran, an Italian village, Colorado, Oakland California and England.”

Sarah’s Involvement in SJP Lit

Upon launching SJP Lit, Sarah expressed her excitement about the venture, stating, “It is with tremendous pride and delight that I announce the launch of my new imprint, SJP Lit. I’m thrilled to be back in the business of books, in partnership once again with the great Molly Stern and the brilliant team she’s built at Zando.” She shared her devotion to books, the necessary role they play in her life, and her endless admiration for authors and storytellers. She is especially fortunate to take part in the process of helping readers uncover their new favorite books and authors, a task she doesn’t take lightly and will tend to fiercely.

Inside Sarah’s Beautiful Home

Sarah’s home is the perfect sanctuary for the star to spend her time relaxing and reading. In 2014, she gave fans an access-all-areas look inside her house during an appearance on Vogue’s 73 Questions. The interview took place in the living room at her townhouse, which has gorgeous green velvet sofas and yet more floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with novels and family photos. Paintings hang on the walls, and there is an antique sideboard and vintage drinks tray. Additionally, the star and her husband, Matthew Broderick, also have a beautiful beach house in the Hamptons.


Sarah Jessica Parker’s home in New York City’s West Village is a testament to her love of books and passion for literature. Her involvement in promoting new voices in the literary world through SJP Lit highlights her dedication to the written word. As she continues to make her mark in the literary world, fans are sure to enjoy more glimpses into her beautiful home and the stories that inspire her.

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