Centrist One Nation Tories throw lifeline to Sunak with backing of Rwanda bill.


Moderate Tory MPs Rally Behind Contentious Rwanda Bill

In a significant show of support for the government, moderate Tory MPs have pledged to back the contentious Rwanda bill during the upcoming Commons vote. The One Nation caucus of Conservatives has declared its support for the Safety of Rwanda Bill, offering a much-needed lifeline to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. This development comes as a major boost for the government, as various factions within the party have been embroiled in debates over the legislation.

One Nation Conservatives’ Pledge of Support

The decision by the One Nation caucus to back the Government on the second reading of the Safety of Rwanda Bill marks a turning point in the ongoing discussions surrounding the legislation. Damian Green, the group’s chair, emphasized the importance of the Government adhering to the original text of the bill and urged against any amendments that could potentially breach international law.

Importance of International Obligations

The One Nation group has underscored the criticality of upholding international obligations and legal boundaries in drafting the Rwanda bill. Members are wary of any amendments that may jeopardize the delicate balance between what is legally feasible and what can deliver tangible results. Matt Warman, a prominent figure within the faction, emphasized the significance of maintaining the national interest in resisting proposals that could disrupt broader measures aimed at addressing illegal migration.

Impact on Asylum Policy and Legislation Amendments

The decision of moderate Tories to support the Rwanda bill has a far-reaching impact on the government’s asylum policy and the trajectory of the legislation. There were initial concerns that the One Nation group might vote against the bill, leading to potential rebellions and conflicts within the party. However, their backing has provided a much-needed reprieve and solidified the government’s stance on the contentious legislation.

Caution from Tory Peers and Potential Amendments

While moderate Tories have expressed their support, Tory peers have cautioned Prime Minister Rishi Sunak about potential amendments that the Rwanda bill may encounter in the Upper Chamber. There are concerns that the legislation, in its current form, could face extensive modifications in the House of Lords, ultimately diluting its impact. The presence of legal experts in the Lords raises the stakes for ensuring that the bill aligns with international law and is not prone to heavy amendments that could undermine its purpose.

Uncertain Future in the House of Lords

Tory peers have raised apprehensions about the trajectory of the Rwanda bill in the House of Lords, foreseeing a scenario where the legislation could be significantly altered. Despite the legislation not being a part of the manifesto, there is a cautious optimism that it may not face complete rejection. However, the prediction of extensive amendments in the House of Lords underscores the uncertainty surrounding the bill’s journey through the legislative process.


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