Adorable North West shows off festive style in lavish $60 million mansion bedroom at Kim Kardashian’s residence


North West’s Festive Holiday Spirit: A Closer Look at Her TikTok Video and Lavish Christmas Setup

The holiday season is in full swing, and it seems like North West, the ten-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian, is taking celebrating to a whole new level. Recently, North showcased her holiday cheer in a new TikTok video shared on the account she co-manages with her mother. Filmed in the lavish Los Angeles mansion of the Kardashian family, the video features North surrounded by a stunning holiday setup, including one pink and two white Christmas trees, and dressed in festive attire.

North’s Festive Fashion and Celebratory Decor

Embracing the festive season with her fashion, North donned a long red sweater adorned with holiday patterns and a prominent Santa figure. The sweater was further embellished with a line of sparkly red and green garland around its bottom. Complementing her festive top, she wore red and green plaid pajama bottoms paired with red and white plaid socks. Her hair, styled in pigtails, was festively decorated with red and green ribbon curls. In the video, North is seen dancing and lip-syncing to a soundbite proclaiming, “Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is on its way,” perfectly capturing the essence of her holiday spirit.

North’s Epic Holiday Bedroom

It’s no surprise that North’s love for the holiday season extends beyond the video. She previously flaunted an extravagant festive bedroom setup on social media, which included an impressive nine Christmas trees and numerous gifts. The “North Pole” themed bedroom featured a pink Christmas tree lavishly adorned with pink decorations, including ornaments, bulbs, and ribbon. Beneath the tree, several gifts wrapped in all-white paper added to the festive ambiance. Complementing the pink tree were smaller trees decorated in white, silver, and gold, and two larger Christmas trees flanking North’s bed, decked out in traditional holiday colors. Even North’s bed was part of the festive decoration, with pillows shaped like Santa and elves and a cozy plaid blanket.

North’s Met Gala Aspirations

In a recent episode of “The Kardashians,” North expressed her desire to be invited to the Met Gala in 2024, although she couldn’t attend the event due to age restrictions. This scene from the reality show has sparked speculation among fans that Kim might be building anticipation for North’s potential future invitation to the Met Gala, known for its strict age policy. Only those over 18 are allowed to attend, but North and her cousin Penelope Disick enjoyed their own party, watching live streams of the event and candidly commenting on the guests’ outfits.

It’s evident that North West’s holiday spirit and aspiration to attend high-profile events are capturing the attention of many. Whether she’s showcasing her festive bedroom, dazzling in holiday fashion, or expressing her ambitions, North is certainly making a statement during this holiday season.


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